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Preventive Sports Medicine Examination

Dear athlete,

This online questionnaire has been developped to help decide wether a Sports Medicine examination is useful for you, how often this needs to be done and what should be examined, whether you practice sports or are planning to do so.

The recommendations you will receive will depend on your age, the sport you practice and the intensity of your sport.

A sports medicine examination is intended for anyone who is practicing leisure sports (for fun or for health) or competitive, non-professional sports.

A sports medicine examination is not mandatory, unless your sports federation decides otherwise.

This website was built based on an exhaustive scientific literature search, combined with expert advice and is a collaborative effort between SKA (vereniging voor Sport- en KeuringsArtsen), the section Sports and Youth of the department Culture, Youth, Sports and Media of the Flemish government and Flemish Minister of Sports, Philippe Muyters.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which sport do you want to practice?

Ball sports
Martial arts
Power training
Racket sports
Inline skating / roller skating

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